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Exai CMS is focused on easily adding content and optimizing keywords. Efficiency is vital. We pay per project! The less time it takes you to complete a project, the more you make! 

increase your website ranking

more competitive 
and reduce time-consuming job searches

Because SEO is an ongoing process, getting paid on time can be challenging. Finding work with 1000's of other workers in the same field can also make you less competitive. Exai offers you a marketplace where you can easily find work and be guaranteed of payment. 

How do we do it? 

By only sending you customers that have been pre-qualified on Exai. With 1000's of new Business Websites using Exai to build and maintain their websites, we have a need for experts with SEO skills to help with increasing website's rankings. We help our SMB's connect with the SEO services they need most. 

What about payment? 

You get paid on time. Always! When applying for an SEO job on Exai’s marketplace, your payment is guaranteed! We act as an escrow. Payment is made upfront to the escrow before you start working. You receive a guaranteed payment upon project completion. 

Become more competitive and reduce time-consuming job searches. 

We only send you the clients that are committed to having the work done. All the clients are already pre-qualified so we cut out time-consuming quoting on SEO jobs and help you get started applying your skills quicker. Take advantage of Exai! Your time is money! 


Exai on page seo


We put a process in place to protect you, the client and the reputation of the marketplace. The process leaves less room for disputes, shows professionalism and brings you more projects to work on. Exai keeps a record of all the changes, edits and correspondence between partners and clients so the entire process is fully transparent. 

Partners must pay attention to the scope of work the client has chosen. Our pricing and terms are precise. If a client chooses a specific 1-10 keywords SEO package, that is what needs to be delivered. The payment process is made upfront by the client to Exai, that acts as an escrow until the project is completed. This clearly establishes the budget and terms for each project. 

The process is focused on four areas : 

Keyword Optimization

Meta Data Optimization

Website Architecture Optimization

Content Development Services

Customers trust a process that verifies the project gets done correctly. It's a win-win situation!   

Exai on page seo

How does it work?

  Step 1  

Client submits the website for SEO analysis 

  Step 2   


  • Check if the website is search engine friendly. 
  • Analyse the website structure and changes needed. 
  • Get an overview of current website traffic and the keywords which drive organic traffic. 
  • View existing sitemaps and discover improper URL names. 
  • Analyse current keywords ranking and related content. 

Based on the process above, you, the partner should list keyword alternatives for the client. The process of analyzing you’re in a better position to advise the client on the best course of action. 

  Step 3   

Initial plan 

  • Create a plan of action and implementation, based on your analysis in step 2.
  • Introduce the changes needed to the client. 
  • Final discussions with the client of primary keywords to focus on, site structure and provide a list of new keywords and keyword opportunities based on the popularity of search, competition and relevancy to website etc. 
  • Make changes to meta tags, H1 tags and title tags as reviewed in step 1, as needed. 
  • Implement new keywords list into Page Settings and new content for blogs/related pages, depending on the package the client has. 

  Step 4  

Review and approval 

The step of reviewing and tweaking keywords and content. This is the easiest time to make changes. Partners need to make sure that the clients are satisfied with the process.The project should leave both you and the client satisfied, with no burned bridges. The partner needs to provide monthly search engine ranking and analysis reports that allow monitoring the clients KPIs, so you can see how website rankings have improved from month to month.

  Step 5  


Partner is paid by Exai using our billing system. You can withdraw funds from your balance to your bank account or credit card.  


on ongoing 

What happens in case of a dispute between the client and the designer? 

In the case of a dispute between partner and clients, Exai will adjudicate to ensure fair business terms for both partner and client. Exai has all the metadata on each project and keeps track of the design process of the system, having full tractability to judge fairly in the case of any disputes.   

Partners should maintain a relationship with the client, by checking in once in a month to make sure everything is going smoothly. This is often appreciated.   

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